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    WTB Rose Bubble tip

    How are you guys, Good friend of mine looking for small rose bubble tip. His tank is 15G just for clown fish. Let me know anyone selling. Thank you in advance. Located in Northern NJ, willing to travel. Jung
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    Moving sale

    I still have some of stuff to sell, I will contact by the order who post on this thread. I need to get it out by end of March. Thank you for the buyer who got my stuff from earlier post, hope you got the best buys. 6. MTC Waste Collector with auto cut off $20 (holding)...
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    Moving Sale Part 3

    Here is Part 3 Located in Fort Lee and First comes first serve. Willing to take an offer. SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Moving Sale Part 2

    Here is Part 2 sales. pick up from Fort Lee Please PM me or e-mail me ( There is no holding, first come first serve. SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Moving Sale Part 1

    I was out of hobby for couple of years now and I am moving to new place. Any offer is welcome, I need them out of my place before I move. BTW, I am located in Fort Lee, NJ. Please PM me or e-mail me. No holding, first come first serve. SOLD !!!!!
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    Hello, I have couple of 5G bucket of cruched coral gravel, bio balls, live rock stand, PVC pipes for FREEEEE. Let me know if you are interested. You can come pick it up on this Sunday. Jung
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    120G tank break down sale and lots of extra items(part 1)

    Hello, I am breaking down my 120G tank due to moving by end of this month. Anyone interesting on the dry goods and live stocks, please PM me with phone number. Let me put the list for extra stuff in my closet first, and live stock.... 3. 250W M58 EYE Magnetic ballast (good for back up )...
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    Rocks for sale $2.50lb

    I am looking to sell rocks around 100lb and up. Located in Fresh Meadows Pick up only Jung
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    Looking for ARM Media

    I am running low on those media in my reactor. Let me know if you have some. I am looking around 30lb.
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    Free sand

    Just took my tank down. I have 1-2 5G bucket worth of sand. Bring your own bucket will swap it First come first served, want to get it out by today. Thanks Jung
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    Breaking down my 90G tank Dry Goods

    Hi, I sold most of live stock, thank you again for member who bought my live stock. Here is my used dry good list : 6. 4 Filter Socks that sells at $4 each 8. Two Chinese made rec. skimmer foot print 14"x6.5", 6" reactor, and 25" high (need 2" clearance to take...
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    Breaking down my 90G tank

    Hi, My new job requires me to make frequent business trip, I don't think my wife can handle two tanks while I am away. So, I am breaking down the smaller one. First, live stock has to go then the dry goods. ********************************************************************************...
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    150W and 250W DE Pendent

    150W DE Pendent Hi, looking to sell following pendents : 1.150W Pendent, including UV shield, socket, and hammered reflector. $30 Pendent has regular 3-prong grounded plug as quick disconnect. 2. PFO MINI Pendents with 6 months old AB 20K. $60 (SOLD)
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    Powerhouse timer controller with three X10

    Here is the picture, I just got digital power strip with 5 independants timer. Looking for $25
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    FS/ FT Iwaki 40RLXT Japanese

    Asking $120 or something I don't have Model: MD40RLT* Inlet(MPT)/Outlet(MPT): 1"/1" Flow Rate @ 4` Head: 1200 GPH Max Head ft: 15.4