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  1. Looney tune stylos and JB for sale

    Hello all, It?s been awhile since I moved out of NY,hope all of you Manhattanreef reefers doing great. I have some nice frags of Looney tune stylos and JB up for sale, I am currently in TX and I am able to ship out, and only day I can ship out is every Wednesday which only day off I have. If you...
  2. Clash of clans account for sale.

    Hi all, I have an clash of clans account up for sale. Spending quite a bit of money on it and try to get a little bit back. Please email me for further info. Thank you for looking Danny
  3. looking to trade ATI power module t5 for iphone 4 or 4s..

    Hi, I have a 36" ATI powermodule t5 -4 bulbs in mint condition I'm looking to trade for iPhone 4 or 4s.. Bought it new 6 months ago and only use it for 3 months then broke down my tank. It come with: 3 ati blue+ 1 ATI blue special 1 kz purple fiji. all bulbs are 3 months old accept ATI blue...
  4. reefbrite,ati powermodule ,metal halide pandant for sale..

    Hi, I have a few equipments left for sale. 36" reefbrite regular one mint condition SOLD 36" ATI powermodule 4 bulbs 5 months old and used it for 3 months.( bought it new) Come with 3 ATI blue +, 1 kz purple Fiji, extra ATI blue special ,all used for 3 months. $300 Giesemann nova ii 250w metal...
  5. shutting down sale.

    Everything sold.. Mods please close. have some stuff left for sale before shutting down my system. hybrid wartermelon chalice 7+ eyes $70 OBO Sold WT insane flame chalice 4+eyes sold. tyree LE creamsicle chalice 9 eyes sold. JF 4 color chalice 4 eyes $200 OBO pink boobies small frag with 2 eyes...
  6. 36" ATI powermodule 4 bulbs for sale.

    hi everyone, bought this light new from 5 months ago and only use it around 3 months still under guarantee.paid around $550 iam looking to get $350 price dropped $320 . the fixture is in nearly new condition! The 4 ATI Bulbs are: 3-ATI blue+ 1-KZ purple fiji also have an extra ATI...
  7. help ID please!!

    sorry for bad pic,it was the best i could get from my cell phone. thanks in advance..
  8. leds for trade.

    LEDs for sale, $150 or best offer... its 24" 70w with 2 powercords blue and can also find more infomation of this light to the link below. thanks
  9. sump/fuge,bubble magus skimmer,led light for sale.

    hi, i have 5 months old cadlights 4 chambers sump/fuge with bubble magus nac3 for sale $150 sold i also have 4 months old 24" 70w led light,2 powercords 1 blue and 1 white. price reduced $170 you can click on the link below to find more information of this light. please...
  10. scollys for sale..

    hi everyones, i am getting some new frags coming soon so iam putting up 2 of my scollys for sale.both are around 5" diameter. $130 each or both for $250 . also miami hurricane colony 40+ eyes $200 please pm if interested. thanks.
  11. Tag heuer carrera for sale/ trade

    Hi everyones, ive bought this beautiful watch 10 months ago and only wear once!!and realize it too big for my wrist so iam putting it up for sale or trade with some high end corals + cash. I will post actual pics of this watch when I get home tonight. iam looking for $1,600 serious offer only...
  12. led for sale.

    led for sale/trade hi everyones, i bought this light about 2 months ago. have no use for it iam putting it up for sale. 105w 36x6x1 price is $300 or a frag of pbc Flamethrower. sorry no actual pics of the light. these are pics from their website. follow the link below for more info...
  13. some more corals for sale.

    hi everyones, need to clear out some space for new corals so iam putting up some frags/and acan colony for sale. jr973 will come to my place tomorrow so if anyone interested in frags you can paypal me tonight and pick them up in his place which in newark NJ.otherwise you can pick up in 10940...
  14. Wtb reefbrite xho Blue.

    I'm looking for reefbrite xho blue 36" Please PM if you have one for sale. Thanks..
  15. fragfarmer chalice,pink/red blasto for sale.

    hi everyones, i have fragfarmer chalice colony for sale,got it from flowerhornNYC awhile back. 50+ eyes sold pink/red with green center blasto. 3 heads sold 5 heads $55 6 heads $60 7 heads $65 please PM if intereted. thanks for looking.