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  1. WTB Red Sea Reefer setup

    Open to most sizes, let me know what you have if anything. Thanks
  2. WTB Nano or small AIO

    I'm looking to get back into the hobby, but with something small for right now. I do have plans to upgrade to a much larger tank in the future. Just not the near future, I have a baby on the way and don't want to commit to a large tank at the moment. So just seeing what's out there.
  3. F/s rodi

    I'm selling a RODI unit from Bulk Reef Supply. I used the unit for a year so all filters and DI should be replaced. It has a TDS inline meter as well. I believe it's a stage 5 unit and can't find it on the BRS website. If you go to their site, mine looks just like the stage 4 unit except where...
  4. Oceanic 120 for sale 100 OBO

    I need to get rid of my Oceanic 120 with dual corner overflows. I'm asking 100 OBO. Im located in Old Bridge NJ. It was used as a mixed reef and no medications were ever used in the tank.
  5. 120 RR tank and stand $150

    I sold almost all of my aquarium related items, but I still have my Oceanic 120 RR aquarium and custom made iron stand. The tank measures 4' L x 2'W x 2'D I would like to get this thing moved out of here by the end of the week.i also have a reef octopus bio pellet reactor, I used it for GFO...
  6. FREE Black Misbar Occ clown

    I have a free 2" black Misbar clown. The clown eats everything and I have had her for 5 years now. I will not deliver and I'm not posting pics. The clown is in perfect health and needs a new home. It's the last fish I have from my breakdown.
  7. 120 gallon tank and stand $250!!!!!!!

    I need this out of my living room, it includes the plumbing as well. The tank is in great condition. Would love to see it gone this weekend. I can help move and deliver if the drive is with in a reasonable distance.
  8. 120 Oceanic tank and stand for sale!!!!

    Selling my 120 with a custom metal stand. 300.00 for the combo. Not chips or nicks in the glass, a couple of tiny scratches on the front somewhere. They are so small I can't even locate them again. This tank is reef ready as well. 48" Marineland pro lighting system for sale 300.00, has two 150...
  9. 80-100 lbs of live sand

    80-100 lbs of live sand, carrib sand 25 bucks for all of it.
  10. Tank, stand and other equipment F/S

    Selling my 120 set up The tank is an Oceanic with dual corner overflows. The stand is a custom metal stand. This is not the cheap black ones you find at the Lfs and is sturdier and stronger than any wood stands. It goes as a package with all plumbing as well. Asking 350.00 MP40 SOLD Reef...
  11. Giant Pukani Live Rock F/S

    I have one very large piece of Pukani rock left for sale, this piece is at least 12"x16"x12" since it is Pukani it's not even heavy for its size. I need this piece gone, I would hate to make it dry rock again. 2 bucks a lb on it as live rock or dry rock.
  12. Fish for sale !!!!

    I have a cherub/Atlantic Pygmy angel 20 bucks reef safe Bristletail file fish not reef safe 20 bucks Sea urchin 10 bucks Various hermits, turbos and other snails as well. 20 bucks, would cost over 100 in Lfs.
  13. Black Tang, Diamond Tail Flasher Wrasse and Blotchy Anthias F/S

    I'm selling my fish and taking a break 5" healthy Black Tang SOLD 2" Blotchy Anthias SOLD 2" Diamond Tail Flasher Wrasse "super rare" SOLD 1-1/2" Cherub Amgel 20.00 2-3" Exquisite Wrasse SOLD Orange Spot Watchman Goby eats everything and sifts sand non stop SOLD Still over 100lbs of live...
  14. Live Rock FS

    I have over 200lbs of live rock avaliable. There is Pukani, Fiji and Marshall island rock. No pest or nuisance algae, some pieces are covered with coraline. Looking for $2 bucks a lb. Some rocks do have mushrooms on it all are neon green. I know there are 2 aptasia in the tank, but have never...
  15. Breakdown sale RARE Fish and all equipment

    I'm taking a break for a little while as I wait for the new house to be completed, so I'm selling off two of my tanks, livestock and equipment. All livestock to be sold first as well as live rock. Equipment will be sold after the livestock. Orange spot watchman goby $20 5 Bartlett Anthias...