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  1. Custom Glass Sump F/S

    Dimensions are a bit unique. May work perfectlly for you, I had it under a 57 gallon. Glass - 10 3/4 inches wide 27 inches long 15 inches deep 10 inch baffles. $75 firm. PM is key. Pickup in Bay Ridge.
  2. Manhattan Reefs Holiday Party : Wednesday, Dec. 17

    Ok reefers, date is set. holiday party will be on Wednesday, December 17th at at Play on Queens Blvd. ( 7pm-10pm. I know more people voted for the day before but it couldn't happen. ( I preferred that day too but it will be a good time regardless):bunny: Please note...
  3. Does anyone know where to find the ORA filefish

  4. Aqua Medic Reef Doser triple $175 Same as the one pictured but with 3 pumps. I am getting the new Apex Dos so this has to go. Available for pickup in Bay Ridge or East Flatbush. PM is key.
  5. WTB at Swap: ORA Whitespotted Pygmy Filefish!

    I need to fix my aiptasia problem and would like to do it with an aquacultured fish. :) :thrash:
  6. Oneplus One invite?

    Anyone of my reef peeps have one I could use? My CDMA S3 is dying a slow, painful death and I want to be as future proof as possible without paying 400$+ for a smartphone. Let me know. :) :goldfish:
  7. Help out an innocent victim.

    One of my former students was shot in the head by a gang-member's stray bullets a couple of weeks ago (he survived!) He was waiting for the bus with his 8-year old cousin and his aunt. He is a great student and is not at all part of the street life. If you have the means and would like to help...
  8. Swap Volunteers wanted.

    It's that time of year again. SWAP TIME!! :help: In order to make it stellar as usual, we ask our members to help us out if you can. Vendors from around the country consistently tell us how MR swaps are the best and one of the biggest reasons for that is our volunteers. You guys go out of...
  9. How I stopped throwing away $$$ for cell service

    I've been meaning to come on and proselytize my new found cell freedom with MR but have busy so I am just getting around to it. I got really tired of shelling out $150 a month for 2 smart phones with Sprint (since I started I have paid Sprint about 14k+ for 2 plans since 07 at $1,800 per...
  10. Top 25 aquarium list I know I am biased and haven't been to many of these aquariums but the fact that they put the NY Aquarium on that list at all (not to mention leaving out a small but world-class operation at LI Aquarium and Exhibition...
  11. i need a few berghia nudibranchs

    Aiptasia has gone to town in my tank since I didn't bother with it all summer. I can pay cash or trade nice corals. Pm please.
  12. MR BBQ!! June 8th, 1PM - 5PM

    Canceled due to weather. Sorry to those that wanted to attend. :(
  13. Uncommon fish in your tanks?

    I recently aquired a pellet eating Red-Fin Japanese Waspfish (Paracentropogon rubripinnis) and I am really loving it. He blends in really well and is different than any other fish in my tank. I was wondering what overlooked fish you all keep in your reefs besides the bread and butter...
  14. Glue Party - Friday May 31st 5PM-9PM

    I know a lot of people were upset that the cheap IC Gel at the swap wasn't available due to some shipping issues. Fret not reefers, MR has you covered. The shipment has arrived and we are going to get it to you in style while hanging out overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge at the spectacular...