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    Does anyone have an HP printer? I need some help

    Ok, so about a year ago, I got a C309s All in one web printer from HP. It started off great, then began to fade and have problems. So, after all the hassle with HP, I got a brand new printer, because it was FINALLY determined that there was something wrong with the firmware of the printer. It...
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    Overflow Box and Powerhead for Sale!

    Hi, I am selling the following items: Overflow Box $25 SOLD AquaClear Powerhead 70 (400 gph) $20 Still Available!!! Pickup only in Riverdale in the Bronx, 10463. If interested, please reply or PM for contact.
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    Clam Identification?

    What kind of clam is this?
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    My Fish Net...Works like a charm

    I had no luck with fish traps, regular nets, and etc. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make something that might possibly work. Let me tell you...this thing really does the trick. The idea of this is to put it down in the tank opposite the front glass. I leave it in there for...
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    Is my lighting schedule ok?

    Ok, since I got my lights which are the nova extreme T5 with 4 bulbs, I've been running them on this schedule, but am not completly sure if it's ok. 12:00 pm: blue goes on 2:00 pm: white goes on 10:00 pm: white goes off 12:00 am: blue goes off I run this fixture on timers from GE. I keep a...
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    Upgrade to MAC...NOW!!!!!!!

    If you have a PC, throw it out. I am happy to say that I'm now 100% MAC, and I have no regrets. Your pictures of your aquarium and etc. are MUCH better looking then on those crappy PCs. The first time I ever saw a picture on MAC, I knew I had to switch. Not to mention the instant on/off, fast...
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    Would this be a good DIY LED fixture???

    Ok, so I was leaving home depot today, and I came across something very interesting. It was the new LED PAR bulbs from Phillips. They have different types with different wattages and etc. Is it possible to do a DIY project with these types of bulbs? If so, what kind of wattage and how many of...
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    Bluethroat Trigger Question

    Hi guys, I recently been reading about this bluethroat trigger. Its really nice and I really like it. It appears to be the only somewhat reef safe trigger according to many. But how reef safe is it exactly? Will it eat corals? (I heard they go after the CUC)
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    Sleeper Head Goby for sale!

    Hi guys, as it says, I'm selling my sleeperhead goby. Its been in my tank for 2 months. Size is about 3.5 - 4 inches in length Selling for $20. Pickup only in Riverdale NY, 10463. Please Reply or PM for contact.
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    Automatic Water Changer???

    Hi I've been hearing lots of stuff lately on auto water changers. Can someone explain how they work? And is it a good investment to make? To me it looks really cool and time saving.
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    What are the many cycles of an aquarium?

    Hi, I am well aware that a new aquarium goes through many cycles...i am just familiar with the first and foremost, the nitrogen cycle. What are the other cycles that a tank goes through? And also, a timetable would be helpful and please if you can, include some chemistry such as formulas...
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    Phosphate Question

    Hi guys, I was wondering which kind of aqueous phosphate ion(s) is/are found in saltwater aquariums, (if any) Which one of these is found in an aquarium, or are all of these stages of PO4 found in a saltwater tank? Also, are there any natural components or substances that can neutralize...
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    New Fish

    Any fish suggestions for a 55 gallon reef tank?
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    Phosphate Chem Question

    Hi guys, I was wondering does chemi pure really get the job done as far as removing phosphates and silicates? has anyone used this and can tell their results?
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    Going on Vacation...Need advice

    I'm going on vacation in about 2 weeks. I need some tips on what I can do to maintain my 55 gallon tank while I am away. I already got an automatic feeder. Its too bad cause theres nobody really that can look after it while I'm away.