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  1. Free fish

    Ok here is the deal. I just moved my tank and there is no way this thing is going to get running again without cycling. I have a pair of clowns (one is a fancy one) a banggai cardinal, maybe a Midas blenny and a royal gramma if they are still alive. These are nice fish. Would suck to see...
  2. Radion xr30 gen 3 Pro w/rms $250

    Run for about 2 years. Includes power supply and rms. Everything works. You are welcome to check it out first. Located on west side in Manhattan. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. SCA 80 tank stand and sump $300

    I dont want to deal with cleaning it so priced for a quick sale. Sca rimless 80 cube measures 32x24x24. 3 sides starfire glass. Comes with sump and stand (the stand needs work) I cant really help you move it so please come prepared. Pickup is in 10033. First floor, no stairs. Sent...
  4. $400 Ecotech Radion G3 Pro w/RMS 11/15 manufacture date

    G3 pro and rms for sale. You are welcome to check it all out before purchase. Only trade would be for a Kessil ap700.
  5. Trade Radion g3 pro and reeflink for Kessil ap700

    I am the original owner and have the original box and the rms mounting kit. About 2 years old used on a softie tank. Can add some cash to make it fair.
  6. SCA 80 Gallon

    It?s funny, I?m about to tear this tank down to install a larger one on the other side of the room and I realized I didn?t have any pics of it. Anyway, here is the sca 80. The tank is about 4 years old. m Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. WTB 150XH Tank, Stand, Canopy

    Looking into adding another tank in the house. Want to see what is out there before I call glasscages.
  8. Vortecs and AI Sol

    I have 2 MP40s one with the wwd driver, and with the older driver. Both have wetsides that are about 18 months old, but i have had the dry sides for probably about 4 years at this point. Both work fine, and you are welcome to test them on my tank before buying. Pulled them off the tank to run...
  9. WTB 120g Tank, Stand, Canopy

    Let me know what you have. J.
  10. Oceanic tech 70 full setup $300

    I just don't have time to keep the tank in the office running anymore. Has been up for 6 or 7 years so not brand new at all but in good condition for its age. Includes tank, stand, sump, sca 302 skimmer, all livestock and rocks, a couple of power heads, and halides. I have some ai sol...
  11. Illumagic Blaze 24" LEDs! $300

    I have 2 24" Illumagic Blaze LEDs for sale. One is two rows of blues and one row of whites, and the other is two rows of whites and one of blues. I used to hang them side by side over a 30x30 cube and they were great. I no longer have a tank that they can fit on, so hopefully someone else can...
  12. Video of Clown laying eggs

    I haven't posted anything in a while since I pretty much ran out of things to say about my fish tank, but this morning I managed to catch video of my fish actually laying the eggs. In the 4 years they have been breeding I never saw the moment they did it. Enjoy! EDIT- I DONT KNOW HOW TO...
  13. Durso is acting up

    its been a while since I posted, but here is my latest issue... My drain seems to get an air bubble or some sort of backpressure that prevents it from draining. To fix the problem I just lift the drain hose up and out of the water and then it works fine, until a couple weeks later it will...
  14. WTB: MP40 Wetside

    New or used. Let me know if you have one you would like to sell.
  15. WTB: 36" AI Mounting Rails

    Let me know if you have em!