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    Question tunze wavebox

    Hey BRS is having a sale on Tunze and was wondering are there any reefers using a wavebox and how long were/are you using it also do they really affect the stability of a tank long term.
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    Free Free bag o Chaeto

    also interested in some
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    80g Deep blue shallow tank

    No, thank you and glad things worked out for you, and happy reefing
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    80g Deep blue shallow tank

    Tired of rimless going back to a rimmed tank so selling a reef ready 80g for $125 due to scratches on the front made from the magnet , dimensions are 48l x 24w x 16h running now if you want to see it before the transfer this weekend Thanks for looking
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    Tank Tank breakdown sale

    Bump , make an offer
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    Tank Tank breakdown sale

    Selling for a friend who upgraded.he is selling for $350 or reasonable offer please pm with a text number for pics or if interested in one item make an offer 75 non reef ready with No Stand very good condition 2 canisters Uv sterilizer Glass tops Thanks for looking
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    Items for sale

    Apex lite orange label -Brain, Eb8, temp and screen (no ph probe) all in excellent working order $175 Red sea 150 phosband reactors no pump $25 each JBJ Auto top off w/2 sensors (one not working ) I used it with 1 sensor -$50 Milwalkee ORP controller no probe $40 Excellent working condition...
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    Ozone Users

    Anybody using ozone on their tanks or anybody that was using it and decided to stop using, if so why
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    $20 items for sale

    Red Sea 150 phosphate reactor Red Sea 150 phosphate reactor MH 250w ballast BRS. Container of bio pellets ( 95% full ) BRS 2 part 1/2 container of sodium ash/ calcium cloride ( together for $20 ) BRS Full container of Kalkwasser
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    Tank Troble/ Why the sudden Lost of corals

    Tank Trouble/ Why the sudden Lost of corals Tank was doing fine, tank started to leak, so I purchased a new tank same gallons, transferred everything over. thought I was fine. a few days later STN so I checked the water parms everything was fine, began to frag, a few days later bleached corals...
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    Skimmer fore sale

    Got a excellent shape Eshopps PSK 100 rated for 100g for $65 (3rd gen -sicce quiet pump ) thanks for looking
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    Phosban reactor 150

    Brand new Phosban reactor for $40 decided not going to make a pellet reactor thanks
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    RO Water needed

    RO unit cracked and I cant make any RO water looking to buy at least 5 gallons now until I figure what I'm going to do, thanks
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    Any vendors having a sale on tanks for the holiday I want to by a new one
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    ATI Fixture for sale/trade

    60in ATI FIXURE for sale (6 bulb) with 5 month bulbs in it for $300 or trade for a 6 bulb 48in or 2 MH pendants with ballast