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  1. Coral Frags & small colonies

  2. Equipment Custom XL sump/skimmer/fragbin

    Fragbins pending Sump and skimmer available #929-269-9234
  3. Coral OG bounce

    Any interest before I chop this guy up?
  4. Equipment Custom XL sump/skimmer/fragbin

    I would deliver but won't fit in my car
  5. Any sales this weekend?

    I guess with this new Web format, vendors don't have a separate listing area? I haven't seen any vendors post much lately. Was wondering if anyone was having any good sales this holiday weekend
  6. Question Shrimps/crabs

    Regular big one .like 3"...poms poms..not sure..they were out of stock
  7. For Sale White gold male ring

    14kt white gold men's band. Asking $100 or trade for coral #929-269-9234
  8. Question Shrimps/crabs

    Union SQ Petco surprisingly has some cool Inverts. They had anemone crabs, decorator, sexy shrimp, a few types of pistol, peppermint, and pom pom from time to time
  9. Equipment Custom XL sump/skimmer/fragbin

    Mark Downs!!! $125 each new frag bin 100g, 52x52x18 $375 new huge 90g sump, glass $225 eshops skimmer
  10. Question Shrimps/crabs

    I checked there already...not much Inverts left atm. Will check Petco in Union square tom. Thanks all...
  11. Coral OG bounce

    Asking 600 or possible trade for sps can meet possibly anywhere in NYC. #929-269-9234
  12. Question Shrimps/crabs

    Anyone seen sexy shrimps or pom pom crabs are any other cool Inverts in stores lately?
  13. Equipment Custom XL sump/skimmer/fragbin

    Custom new sump/eshopps skimmer and 100g fragbins available...taking offers