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  1. MTC 250 external skimmer

    As title states looking for a MTC 250 external skimmer. Thank you.
  2. FS sump, Clifton NJ 07013

    Hello MR, cleaning out more things from my garage. As title states sump for sale $50 takes it. There are no leaks in the sump it holds water. Item is pick up only, need this gone by Sunday. Thank you, Danny.
  3. SA Gear Delux Smith Machine, model mss-1280

    Hello mr as tittle states I have the SA gear home gym for sale, I'm cleaning out the garage and it needs to go. I have a few pictures of it set up in my garage and I can also show a web pic of what it looks like. I have a bunch of weights and a few other accessories for it. Item is pick up...
  4. New 40B for $40 & 29g for $20

    Hello MR, Cleaning out my garage so these tanks have to go. I have a 40 breeder that's never had water in it, $40. Also I have a 29g that has never had water in it as well, $20. Items are pick up only. I'm located in Clifton NJ, 07013. Thank you, Danny.
  5. Camera for Apex fusion.

    I'm looking to purchase a camera to monitor my tank while I travel. I recently downloaded fusion for my apex and would like to add this. Any input on a good recommend camera would be great. Thank you.
  6. Chocolate chip star fish...

    As title states I have about 3 hole star fish for sale. I purchased them for my harlequin shrimp and he's gone MIA. I think he's a goner. $20 for the bunch. Pm me if your interested, I'm in Clifton NJ 07013. Pick up only. Thank you, Danny.
  7. F/s threads...

    What is going on, am I the only one who can't view anything on the for sale section? Could someone look into this please.
  8. 1/4" check valve water application..

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for those plastic 1/4" check valves used for calcium/Kalk reactors. I'm trying to find some good quality ones, not the cheap eBay ones. If anyone has any good recommendations please let me know. Thanks Danny.
  9. Dual chamber Calcium or single chamber.

    Hello everyone I was wondering if there is any real diff between a single chamber Calcium reactor or dual chamber. Any opinions are welcomed.
  10. Wtb MTC Mini-Cal

    As title states I'm looking for a MTC mini-calcium reactor. Pm me if you have one for sale.
  11. ATO command for apex HELP..

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to get this command to work but I'm having a little issue. I am setting sw1 to control my solenoid valve to urn on, but I want sw2 to turn it off. And sw3 at a high safety. So sw1 is the low setting , sw2 is the mid setting and sw3 is the high limit. Here is how I...
  12. Store in Avenel NJ

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know the name of the Vendor in Avenel NJ. also the address/number? Thanks, Danny
  13. Feeder command for wxm

    Hello everyone, now that I have the vortech pumps programed I want to incorporate my AFS feeder into the mix. I have the feeder on 2 times a day. My goal is to have the 3 vortech pumps off for 5 min after the feeder turns on, to give the fish a chance to eat the pellets and not end up in my...
  14. Help with setting up WXM...

    I just installed the wxm to my apex and I'm really having a problem with the command setup. It keeps giving me an error message. Could someone help me out with this please as I'm not that savvy when it comes to programming. Thank you very much, Danny
  15. Hanna phosphate regents

    Hello everyone, the Hanna phosphate regents come with an expiration date. Has anyone used them past the date? Do they're really expire or is this just another way to get you to buy more every year? I have about 80 left from when I purchased my Hanna meter and would hate to throw them away if...