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  • George its Randall. Did your seahorse keep its color when you put him in your tank?
    Hi Georgie, How are you doing? You guys have a club meeting Friday evening at the store right? I have someone that owes me a couple of frags from a trade at the frag swap in December and he will be there for the meeting but I can;t make it. Will you be there? Is it too much trouble to take my frags from him and hold it overnight? I can come saturday to pick them up? please let me know

    Thanks so much
    Yeah your right it comes with that light. really thinking about it man. its a pretty sick light

    In the front of the store you have that nano tank with the AI Nano Sol Blue light that has thunder storms option. My question is about the black mounting fixture that is holding the light. like a goose neck. where could i get one of those?

    hey whats up , im the guy that meet you at your store , i needed the skimmer and the halide , i cant firgure this website out , if you come across these items please forward them to me , im going to keep exploring this site . ty
    Hey young, I was told to ask you about led systems. I was looking at the marineland led unit. Great reviews. I have a aqualight pc w halides, actinics, and moon lights. I am looking for a decent led unit at a good price. Can you fill me in?

    Thank you,

    Yoo Whats Up bro!!! Long time no see.... Been Busy as Hell with the New position... Anyways Just wanted to wish Ya a Happy Holiday!!! Have a Great New Year!!!
    That rock that the mushrooms came on has a neat shape, and that zoa frag is the perfect size. I can't wait to see what the leather looks like in the light. There was one additional rock in there. I was very small, about the same size as the zoa rock. There is a tiny bit of purple on it, possibly coralline. Was this something extra? Perhaps it was the rock that the zoas were attached to. I could have made it fall off in transit. I can reattach it if that is the case.

    Thanks again for the trade. If you want to follow my progress, I have a thread at

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