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  1. wtb green water and rotti

    anyone in queens have some?
  2. 45g cube f/s

    ok i have a used 45g cube f/s for 50 it was used for 2 years i just took it down yesterday and it have 2 1" drain drill it will come with bulkhead if you want pics just pm me your number and i can text it to you also it still have about 40 lbs of sand in it ricky
  3. stuff for sale

    gen x pcx-20 pump new - 75 zeovit stone i got 7 bags left 10 each zeo carbon i got 2 bags left 20 each ricky
  4. No gas

    there is a gas shortage in new york now i cant even run my generator what to do now
  5. chiller

    ok whats the best one out now a day for a 1/2 hp chiller my just went i wanna see whats out there right now ty
  6. clean up sale

    okay i have a few thingy that i need to sale to clean up some room in my garage 1 300 watt LED from silent world $500 1 120 watt led from green sun for $ 160 3 Lumenarc mini for $ 50 each 5 15lb bag of fiji pink sand for $20 each 1 250 watt dimable ballast for $ 50
  7. My White Knights Clownfish

    Here is a pair of White Knights Clownfish I got from US Marine Coral. I actually got number 9 & 10 that has been released. They are really cool. I'll post up more pics after I get them acclimated. Here is a video of them.
  8. wtb sps

    i am looking for red dragon ,red robin and Vivid Rainbow Delight i can buy or trade if you looking for trade lmk what you looking for i might have them
  9. vertex led

    hey does anyone here have this unit running on their tank?? i am thinking about getting a 6 feet unit for my 180 im just looking for some feed back ricky
  10. wtb my blue mille

    okay im looking for my old stuff blue millie which rich (jackson ) had but i never had a chance to drop by and pick one up since i lost my if anything that have it please lmk if u can make me a frag we can trade or buy lmk ricky
  11. coral f/s

    sunset and highligher green 25 each acan micro 40 HOC 50 1" and PL 40 1" cap 10 a pcs i will brake it when u want to buy 2 blue max clams in the center 85 each hokiesem 90 on the right i will have more tomorrow night to list im trying to make room =)
  12. 30g cube f/s

    30g cube and stand for 150 pm me
  13. live sand

    where do they sell the cheapest live sand =) need a few bag
  14. 45 cube x2

    okay im getting bored from my 30g nano and got a good deal on 45g cube so i got 2 cube and one stand gonna drill them and thinking maybe do a stair over flowing =)
  15. MH set up f/s

    250watt Dimmable Electronic Ballast Coralvue one year old Mini Reflector one set up for 125 each buy all 3 for 330