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  1. Hawaiian Flame Wrasse Trio - 08831

    Hard to find these days - Super Male and two 3 inch females. Doing great and eating well. B7GSALUjwXw Pickup only - Monroe, NJ - 08831 $450. Thanks Sunny
  2. Red Sea Eight Line Flasher Wrasse

    Eats very well. Pickup in Monroe, NJ - 08831. $150. Thanks Sunny
  3. Achilles Tang FS Monroe NJ - 08831

    I have a 4 inch Achilles tang that I bought 4 months ago from POTO. She has been in my 75 gallon waiting to go into my 600 DT. However, I found a 6 inch specimen that I like and will be putting that in my DT instead. Eats pellets, frozen, flakes, nori. Very healthy. Been with 2 yellow tangs...
  4. Sunny's 600G Build

    Hello everyone Finally, I got a chance to start this thread. The build has been in progress since Jan this year but there were way too many ups and downs. Anyways, I finally have the tank setup and filled. 1 inch acrylic 72 X 60 X 30. Lights will be Orphek Atlantik V4s. New system, new...
  5. Live Sand FS - Monroe, NJ - 08831

    Hello I have 2 , 20 lb bags of live sand left over. I ordered 5 but only needed 3 with my aquascaping. $20 each. Picked up in Monroe, NJ. Cash only please. Pics are in the link above...
  6. Super Male Pintail and Female Flame Wrasses

    Eating like champs. Super Male Pintail not easy to find - $200 - 3.5 inches 2 x Female flame wrasses also hard to get now - $125 each. Around 3 inches. Pickup in Monroe, 08831. Thanks Sunny
  7. Show Size Mustard Tang

    Selling for a friend - awesome specimen. 6 - 7 inches. Loves to eat. $300 pickup in Matawan, NJ.
  8. Bellus Pair and Pintail wrasses

    Eating like pigs. Bellus Pair - $300 Pintail Wrasse Super male - $150 Check videos below. Selling because I have duplicates of these. Only the fish mentioned are for sale. Everything else is going in my 600 gallon. Pickup only in Monroe - 08831 lu2BWKiGzfM m--6S2JR1zM Sunny
  9. 6 bulb 4 feet T5 fixture - $75

    I have this one year old light that ran on my frag tank. It comes with 5 year ballast warranty. You will need new bulbs. Great light for any 4 feet tank. $75. Pickup only in Monroe, NJ - 08831 Thanks
  10. Reef Octopus 5000 Int Skimmer - 08831

    I will need a bigger skimmer for the new tank so this one is for sale. It is sitting in vinegar to be cleaned and works perfectly fine. $400 - Pickup only in Monroe, NJ - 08831 Thanks Sunny
  11. 150 gallon rubbermaid stock tank - 08831

    5 months old. Used to house live rock. Perfect condition. $100 - pickup in Monroe, NJ - 08831 Sunny
  12. Walt Smith's Reef Rock 2.1 Rock

    I have some nice pieces available. They are live. These are the rocks that had most of my corals on - the top shelf show pieces glued to them. The side that is still pink/purple is the one that was face down. The other side has some coral skeletons attached. No pests. Also have two tonga...
  13. Fish are available now - 08831

    All have been with me for years and eat everything from my hand. All fish are SPS safe. Black Tank - $500 - 5 inches. Aussie Tusk - $200. Had him since he was 1 inch. - 4 inches now. Great Size. GoldTail Angel. Very rare and beautiful. - $300 - 5 inches. Blueface Angel - 3.5 inches - $150...
  14. ReefBrite XHO 48 inch Blue

    Need it gone. $250 shipped. Price is very firm. Thanks Sunny
  15. Aqua UV 160 watt Classic 2 inch

    In mint condition. It ran on my reef. Bulbs have 8 month use on them. $900. Monroe, NJ - 08831. Pickup only. Here is a link to it. Mine is white. Sunny