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  1. What happened to Aquarium Village

    I went to Aquarium Village yesterday for the first time in months and the place became a crap hole. Tank water was cloudy, not much livestock, empty tanjs, dead fish, sick fish and I only saw one employee you working there. Did I just catch them on a bad day or did the place go downhill?
  2. Question

    I haven't asked this because I don't want to be rude. but I've been thinking about it for a while. why do you have a list of the competitions information on your website? You are giving them free advertisement on your website.
  3. Any blue lined snappers?

    Any blue lined snappers?
  4. Any blue lined snappers?

    Any blue lined snappers?
  5. Pacific NYC

    I just found out about this fish store called Pacific Aquariums. What a great store. I didn't see any dead fish and the prices are great. Giant selection of fish and coral. Softie and zoa frags $6 and sps frags 3 for $40. I picked up a yellow tang for $12, a mandrin for $10 and some random...
  6. Naming Coral After Ones Self

    I understand naming a coral strawberry shortcake or green slime to make it easier for people to discuss. Then vendors started putting names in front of the corals name in order to create a brand. The past few days I have been seeing what I believe are hobbiests branding coral with their user...
  7. Jebao Cross-Flow

    Any where selling the Jebao Cross-Flow? I know pops and aquarium village sells Jebao products.
  8. WTF Drugs on the Homepage

    Why is there a article on the homepage about growing drugs? I don't see the relationship to reefs other then the term reefer. The promotion of illegal, schedule I drugs on this site is ridiculous.
  9. Store Hours

  10. Pet Store Test Results

    I think it will be intresting to start a thread about the test results of the water at pet stores. If you buy a coral or fish test the ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, salinity, copper and and anything else you want from the water in the bag. Post the results here.
  11. WTB Frag Pack

    looking to stock my tank with coral. looking for mostly sps's and a few softies and lps. i want a few branching, plate and encrusting coral and several colors. I am looking to spend about 250 dollars. either post here or send me a PM with your pack offer. Please don't send me a message stop...
  12. SPS frags

    What store in western nassau has a good selection of sps frags in particular acros. I went to aquarium village, pets warehouse and petco and non of them had a good sps frag selection
  13. Webpage

    any idea when the website will be up.
  14. Anything goodcoming tomorrow

    like the title says
  15. Feeding My Predators

    Here is a video of my predator tank. The fish in the tank area barracuda,cherry skunk grouper, panther grouper, blueline grouper and snowflake eel. The coral are blue mushrooms, ninga turtle zoas and bride of chucky zoas.