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  1. 90 gallon and 210 gallon tanks for sale

    Sorry, both tanks sold. Mods, please close.
  2. AI prime and MP10

    I received many PMs and have a buyer for everything. Should this buyer fall through I'll continue going down the list in the order PMs were received.
  3. AI prime and MP10

    I you buy both you can have a Nuvo 16 with a nice stand and some modifications for free.
  4. AI prime and MP10

    Have an AI prime that is a year old, with tank mount for $125 and an MP10 non wireless that is also a year old for $125. Pickup in Clifton NJ M-F 9-530
  5. 90 gallon and 210 gallon tanks for sale

    Bump 90 gallon is gone. 210 is still available. Have an AI prime that is a year old, with tank mount for $125 and an MP10 that is also a year old for $125.
  6. 90 gallon and 210 gallon tanks for sale

    I have 2 fish tanks in my office that need to be gone. First is a 90 gallon tank with nice stand, canister filter (don't remember what kind), marineland LED light, Mag float cleaner, about 50-70LBS of texas holy rock, glass tops and gravel. All this tank needs is water and cichlids. All this...
  7. Tank for sale $250 for everything

    Hello, Haven't been active on this forum in a long time. Took down my reef a few years ago. Had this set up as FW for a year and lost interest about a year ago. Was up and running until about a month ago. Tank is in good shape, aside from needing a serious cleaning. Tank and stand were...
  8. Hello and coral in NJ

    Been a while, but hopped back in with an IM16. Looking to buy some coral. Any recommendations for reefers selling or stores in the NNJ area? Looking for zoas, frogspawn, duncan, red cap and some others. LMK
  9. 10lb co2 tank

    Is the tank empty or full? Ever in NJ? PS clear out your inbox so you can receive messages.
  10. Pool maintenance

    Hello, Does anyone on DIY your pool maintenance, opening and closing your pool? Thank you, Jay
  11. Rangers baby!!!!

    We spoke about it for 15 minutes last time I came out to you. Russ, you're loosing it! :)
  12. Rangers baby!!!!

    Sorry to cr@p on your thread. I find that so many NYers that don't know the first thing about hockey are avid hockey fans, when the Rangers are in the playoffs. This likely happens in every city. However, some Ranger fans are particularly cocky/annoying. Took out my frustration on you. Sorry...
  13. Rangers baby!!!!

    Right back at ya. :) I was hoping we'd have the opportunity to play you for the cup! Really wanted 2 original 6 teams. Maybe next year. . .
  14. Rangers baby!!!!

    HAHAHAHAHAH!! I'm a Hawks fan . . . remember?