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I have been a reefer for years, but 1.5 years ago started a 10 gallon nano tank. Seems like it was a tough journey. Tank stability has been tough. In reality, I have the same mechanics that I had on my large tank.

Recently, my tank has been doing well, so I feel I turned a corner. For a while, it seemed, that only fish or only corals would do well. Now, seems everything is doing well.

I have been doing 30% water changes weekly and am thinking that maybe I should do less, so that my parms remain more stable.... Not sure.

Any feedback, on how often to do water changes and % change?

Believe it or not, even my salt parm can change. Never even jumped in my larger tank, unless I wanted it to. That's why I am thinking of less water changes.

Thanks for your input.

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