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I'm looking to rehome my fish. I am moving at the end of July and would like to give my fish to someone has knowledge in keeping fish. I've had my buddies for over 2 years now and would really like to see them go to a good home. Unfortunately I can not bring them due to my travel situation. There is no cost to take them I just want someone who will care for them as I did. If your interested send me a message and so we can meet up for pick up.

Heres a list of fish i have.
2 Clownfish (Both ocellaris) - 1 black and white and 1 White and yellow/orange. These 2 have been together for a long time so most likely they will stick together. ********** YOU HAVE TO TAKE BOTH********
Algae eating blenny
Yellow Wrasse
Blue Hippo tang
Pin cushion Urchin
3 Aiptasia eating Shrimp ( Yes they eat aiptasia like a boss)
My location is in the bronx near the Neried Avenue #2 train stop. Send me a message if your interested. Thanks


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Hey. I can take them all if you like. Keep them together. You can message me about it if you like. I’m in bay ridge Brooklyn area.

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