akc boxer puppies


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poughkieepsie ny
the parents are not my boxers they are from my cousins boxers .We use eachothers dogs from time to time for breeding and long story short he owes me two puppies from this litter.I can also offer a microchip placed under the dogs skin for an added 35 bucks.The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and if the dog gets lost or stolen when a vet scans the dog your name and address will come up as the owner!

I do recomend anybody interested in boxers do a littel reading first because they are an extreamly energetic breed and need alot of attention.They are great with kids though.

I am asking for $100 deposits .You cant get boxers in a pet store for less than 1100 or more and even then your most likley getting a puppy mill dog,with no shots or health garntee.

thanks for looking


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Wow boxers are cool.

Like you said they need lots of exercise and attention. You should wear them out physically to keep 'em out of trouble:ANYWORD:.

Really good dogs!!