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Personal Chef (NYC)
Living in NYC during the pandemic is very stressful and often leaves you a rut trying to figure out what to prepare for meals or ordering something that’s either not good for you, over priced and often just a let down.

I have experience in both high end restaurants and catering functions

With ALL sanitary precautions (mask, gloves and surfaces being sanitized constantly) I can fill in your fridge and your freezer with fresh, healthy and tasty food for the week. I will shop for you, cook in your kitchen and let the place squeaky clean. You will just have to relax and enjoy your meal! So if you want to know more about me and the foods I cook, please feel free to email me with questions.

Email me if:

You don't have time to cook
You are fed up with expensive sushi and pizzas
You have food restrictions or allergies
You just had a baby and prefer sleeping than cooking

We can work together on special needs/wants.

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