Turk key Planted Discus Setup for sale


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Leaving the freshwater hobby- moving to fully salt and just dont have time to maintain two big tanks anymore

Selling my entire FW setup - $1,300 firm

****** im not parting anything out you must take everything *******

120 gallon tank with 3d background,black wood cabinet , glass lids
Fluval Fx6 (unused was going to set up but didnt ),Fluval 406 and Aquaclear 110 all filled with media
Chihiros WRGB2 ( less than a few months old- amazing condition)
All driftwood and seiryu stone included ( have some nice fake plants Ill give also)

Fish and plant list below

All fish have just went thru 10 days of metro- I had a bacterial issue but its now cleared up the fish eat everything from flake to frozen

Discus are colored down due to aggression from the geophagus and breeding angels, camo to the dark algea on the background ( accidentally ran blue lights on the tank for awhile) and recovery from the bacterial infection

Most discus are 5”+, blue diamond is 6.5”

4 blue turqois
2 blue diamond
1 pigeonblood

1 scalare
1 black marble
1 albino geophagus
8-10 albino corys
4 sterbai
4 roseline sharks (5”+ in ea)
Random tetras ( black neon tetra, white cloud minnows and rummy nose)

Plants ( apologies im not well versed on plants there are probably more that I dont know the name of)

Anubias nana petite
Java fern
S repens
2-3 other Misc. plants im not sure of

Im attaching a few older pics to show what the fish looked like before the metro , extra fake plants and also the 3d background


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