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Hello everyone. Currently selling two guitars.

$525 - Epiphone Les Paul Pro Custom w bigsby

An Epiphone les Paul pro custom in ebony with a gold bigsby USA made. Pickups were not changed. Only modification was the bigsby being added. Sustain is not affected and sounds great stock. I bought this to replace a Gretsch I had but I am trying to fund a seperate project.





$400- Squier classic vibe with bigsby and upgrades

Here is a custom made telecaster. I repainted the guitar from a classic white blonde. Tried to make it look a bit rustic. Black parts of the paint are the undercoat that I put on the guitar. The color is rose metallic gold. Guitar was also upgraded with Porter 9t pickups and hardwire was upgraded to USA made pots. Bigsby was installed and ashtray was filed down to prevent any need for a shim in the neck. Playability is amazing and sound is thick and crunchy. Also installed a set of guyker locking tuners.







Will also take trades for ecotech radion led lights. I know most will not have these but in the off chance you do I am welcome to trades. I can bundle both for 900.


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