Advanced Reefer
San Francisco
Hello Bay area Reefers,
Hows it going?
You all coming out tomorrow? If you do, you'll not be bored I assure you.
I just did this one last week @ MACNA and it went over well.
If...theres anything more specific you'd like to know....why not cover it a bit here?
I'd like to know also where you guys are coming from.
As you may have read, my concern for coral is the big the ones that comprise habitat on the reef.
The use of cyanide and crowbars to collect fish for 40 years is wearing a lot of em down. There are many areas where most of the corals are 4-5 inches high...everywhere you look!
Oh well. There is an answer. Technically we have it, The only thing missing is the will and funding to implement it!
As no one makes a profit off a dead coral reef...its sure relevant to all reefers and fish keepers.
Steve Robinson
AMDA pres / Cortez Marine


Advanced Reefer
Your presentation was heartbreaking and enlightening.

Your commitment to preserving reefs is the deepest I've seen in this hobby, and you helped renew my commitment to responsible husbandry.

I would like to help your efforts to encourage proper net fishing and decompression.

-Jake (the guy who had all the questions)

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