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Hi!, BAR (Bay Area Reefers) will be hosting a frag swap on January 8th at 1pm in Hayward at ASAP-one of our favorite local wholesalers.
We're inviting MARS, SEABAY and CVReefers to join us .
Please check our RC forum for specific details and directions(soon to be posted).
We will have a raffle and soda is courtesy of the BAR general fund.
Cheers and see you there!-Jim


BAR Frag Swap - January 8th Noon (lasting 2-3 hours?)
Directions to Aquatic Specialities: Approx 2 miles from I 880
31640 Hayman Street, Hayward, C 94544
* Start on WHIPPLE RD (at WHIPPLE RD &I 880 in HAYWARD) going towards INDUSTRIAL PKWY SW,RAMP - go 1.2 mi
* Turn LEFT on Hayman ST - go 0.5 mi
* Arrive at 31640 Hayman St on the RIGHT

Swap Overview/Format:
Participation is limited to members of California aquatic hobbyist clubs.
Cost of participation (in addition to membership in one of the clubs) is either a live coral donated
to the swap or $5.
Please arrive with corals (prefragged, prebagged and labelled for single picks) between 11:30 and 11:45.
If you need to have a colony fragged for the swap and you're not able to pre-frag/bag it, please arrive at 11:30.
Each participant will be given a number and that is the group with whom they pick frags.
Corals will be grouped according to type and there will be a separate category for "rare" corals.
Participants bringing rare corals will be in the first groups to pick.
Groups will rotate through the picking area with each person picking 1 coral.
The order of groups picking will go up, then down. For example, if there are 3 groups the order would be Group 1,2,3,3,2,1,1,2...
Soda will be provided.

Please join us in thanking some of our sponsors who have made this swap possible:
First, of course, we'd like to thank Bob and Robert at ASAP for offering up their beautiful meeting room for our swap.
Eddie(Tropical Paradise) will be donating 7 or 8 colonies for us to frag along with 3 x $50 + 3 x $25 gift certifictes. TP will also be offering %50 off all livestockl for the weekend, just show your name tag from the swap. We also thank Eddie for hosting our smaller meetings.
Bao (Aquatic Gallery)has donated 7 sps colonies and 1 zoo colony and 1 palythoa colony.
James has already fragged and mounted more than 40 frags for our swap.
Steve (Big Reds Pets) is donating several colonies for the raffle.
Gresham has also been incredibly supportive of our club and we'd like to thank him too.
Reed Mariculture will be there and handing out free samples of Phyto-Feast Marine Microalgae Concentrate to the first 100 people that arrive
Currently we see about 150 donated sps frags and 50 + donated other frags from our gracious sponsors.
Let's do our part and thank them with kind words and patronize their businesses whenever possible.

And lets not forget to thank club VP Jim for doing the leg work to make this whole thing happen.

Just a friendly reminder... Your membership must be paid and up to date to participate. Those members who received free(BAR) membership through October 31, 2004 will have to pay the renewal fee of $20 for individual, $30 for family. You can join BAR or renew at the event. 

Check out for directions![/code]

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