By popular demand, Bay Area Reefers is proud to host a presentation by UC Berkeley's Roy Caldwell - The good, the bad and the beautiful!: stomatopods and octopuses!" Learn the facts about these often misunderstood citizens of the reefing world. After the talk, we will be holding our second annual holiday raffle including corals and dry goods from:

• Reef Nutrition - the winner of the Reef Nutrition donation gets a different RN product a month for a full year! RN is also donating a rotifer starter kit and manual!
• Mermaid Aquarium and BAR are donating a Euro Reef CS 6 - 2 Plus!
• 150 watt MH bell pendant donated by microsoftie
• IC-gel (which will also be available for sale at the meeting)
As well as corals/products from Natural Life Aquarium, New Alameda Aquatics, Wet Pets and more!
Check out the announcement thread on the BAR message board ( http://www.bareefers.org/bar/viewtopic.php?t=540 ) for updates and questions.

This event is open to the public and will be held December 10th 2005 @ 1pm. The location is Aquatic Specialties and Pets in Hayward, a state of the art, ethical, aquatic wholesaler (as always, there are no direct sale from ASAP to club members). Please follow this link for directions: http://www.bareefers.org/ASAP%20Directions.aspx .

Frag swap teaser: The Bay Area Reefers regional frag swap has been moved from January to Febuary 11. Please mark your calanders! Check this thread for discussion of possible changes to the swap format: http://bareefers.org/bar/viewtopic.php?t=410 . This swap is shaping up to be the best ever, so start your grow out now if you already haven't!

See you at the meeting!

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