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Bay Area Reefers Northern California Regional Frag Swap - Propagate, share, diversify!

The BAR regional frag swap is intended to promote the propagation, sharing and ‘backing up’ of corals within the reefing community. In this event, BAR values a spirit of generosity in support of the hobby and all its participants.
This swap is open to everyone. Meet and hang out with your fellow hobbyists. Share and enjoy the diversity of corals grown by your fellow reefers.

How to participate in the swap in an easy to read format:
• Entry Fee: $10 prepay (before July 29), $15 late pay (after July 29), and $20 the day of the swap. Entry fee includes at least lunch and coral dip, and the prepayment gives us a head count for the food provider.
• Extra food can be purchased directly from the food provider for guests and very hungry participants.
• Coral: 3 or more strains
• If you have no coral to donate to the swap there is an additional $20 participation fee
• All fees payable by paypal to [email protected].
For an updated list of people who are registered for the swap, please click here and scroll to the bottom of the page

For questions about the swap, please post to this thread.

Day of swap, August 9th, 2008:
• The swap is held at ASAP in Hayward, CA
• Registration from 11am to 12:30 pm
• Swap proper begins at 1 pm
• There will be no rare picking group
• Raffle follows the swap - grand prizes include a 4 foot Tru Vu sump and an Typhoon RODI unit from Air water and Ice!

How to participate explained in greater detail:

See you at the swap!

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