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Hello reefers! Here is this week's update

specials this week
trio lyretail anthias $50
trio bimac anthias $115
trio sunset anthias $80
buy at least $120 in livestock receive free pack of lrs!! While supplies last
buy 2 frags get 1 free of equal or lesser value

all sales end 10/16

hippo tang
coral beauty
melanarus wrasse
pink streak wrasse
flame angel
bluestar leopard
bicolor angel
pj cardinal
longnose hawk
meleagris leopard
ornate leopard
purple tang
springeri damsel
fishers angel
aurora goby
purple firefish
thunder maroon clown
gold hawkfish
emperor angel
yellow coris
purple psuedo
sunburst anthias
watanabei angel
flame wrasse female
sixline wrasse
gold back trigger large
katherines wrasse
bellus angel
c-quest onyx clown
yellow eye kole
indo sailfin tang
powder blue tang
pink tail trigger
crosshatch trigger large
clown trigger
yasha hase goby
bartlett anthias
emperor angel juvi
flame hawk
fiji foxface
blue eye bristletooth
carberryi anthias
algae blenny
orange spot blenny
cream angel
lyretail anthias
majestic angel
magnificent foxface
yellow tang
frostbite clown
sunset anthias
atlantic blue tang juvi
annularus angel
bimac anthias
eibli angel
desjardini tang
pencil wrasse
vanderbilt chromis
asfur angel
skunk clownfish
clarkii clownfish
tomato clownfish
linear blenny
midnight clown

skunk cleaner
fire shrimp
harlequin shrimp
peppermint shrimp
red leg hermit
blue leg hermit
margarita snail
peppermint shrimp
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