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Here is the information we promised.

You already know the company name is Diamonds of the Reef. We are still finalizing our logo. When that is finished, our website will be updated and designed. Justin and I really want to open a store front and will be using our home business as a spring board.

Mission & Profile:
Our mission is to provide rare and exotic fish at reasonable prices and HEALTHY. The idea of QT'ing fish is nothing new but we are also going to guarantee our fish after sale. The guarantee time period is dependent on the fish and will always be provided in writing on the board prior to any sale. We accept special orders but because of our QT methods some fish will be in QT much longer than others so please keep that in mind. Not only do we want to make sure the fish does not have health issues, we will not sell a fish until it proves it is well adjusted to aquarium life. The behavior of each fish we sell will be monitored closely.

We are hobbyists just like all of the members of MR and we all have suffered losses in livestock and money. We are going to do our best to make that less of an issue for anything we sell. Beyond the loss of money there is also a responsibility to the environment. We will be trying very hard to offer our own CBB fish. This will take some time of course but something we are committed to.

Fish will be available on LI where Justin Lives and in Manhattan where I currently reside. I'm moving into a new home next month so as of the end of June my stock will be available in NNJ. We will not ship fish. There is too much of a health risk for the fish. Inverts are a different story.

Clearly pricing is dependent on the fish but we will have tiers of discounts. For example, MR members will get a level 2 discount while an MR donor will get a Level 1.

All fish purchased will come with an acclimation kit and a care guide. The care guide is going to be based on the care of the fish while in our possession not a copy and paste job from the Internet. For some of the more difficult fish, they will also come with food that they have been eating while in our care. Live food will be provided when necessary. We will also offer inverts for sale but more frequently it will be live feeders.

Justin and I are excited (as you can tell) and look forward to our new role in the MR community.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Dom & Justin
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