24" Enhanced Power and PAR output

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I am sure many of you have been curious as to how our reactors perform when it comes to light intensity and power comsumption.

The chamber being tested is one of our Enhanced Series and the main body is 24" tall. All measurements were taken using an MJ1200 Pump for circulation.

Power Output of a Standard MJ1200 - NO MODS

Power Consumption of LED array on 24" Enhanced Reactor - MJ1200 is NOT Plugged in

COMBINED power consumption of both a MJ1200 Pump and 120 LEDs on a 24" Enhanced Reactor

Now for the Light Intensity!

The test was performed with the probe fully submerged in the picture as you see and the probe is approximately 1" away from the Light Tube containing the LED array.

Here is the mean of all the readings found in various areas of the chamber

As you can see - these puppies are putting out some serious rays!
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