ARID PB 18 PAR Tests

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The ARID PB is our standard in Macro Algae Reactors, the body is 18 inches tall giving the unit an overall height of 23.25 Inches (measurement taken from bottom of feet to top of heat sink).

Recently I tested the PAR and energy consumption of our Enhanced 24 model, in this demonstration we will be testing the PAR output of the ARID PB 18 model.

Here you can see the probe of our Apogee meter is fully submersed in fresh water for the tests. The probe is approximately 1.5" away from the light tube containing the LED array.

Here you can see the Apogee is reading 181

Here is a close up the apogee reading 181

While performing this test, I also took a moment to test the power consumption of the ARID PB18.

When powered up the PB18 consumes 15 watts of energy, yes, 15 watts!

When coupled with a Maxi-Jet1200 for flow to the reactor, the total system power consumption is 31 watts!

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Manhattan Reefs will be RAFFLING one of our ARID PB18 Reactors!!!

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See you there! -Leo
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