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Pablo, what do you find your Cesp likes as far as lighting and flow?

I have one that almost died in shipping, but has made a good comeback so far. Mine has never opened it's tentacles much at all (see pic). It's getting some color back and has sprouted 2 babies since I've had it. I originally placed it on the bottom of the tank and now have it towards the top, but all the way in the corner. It now gets about the same amount of light but the flow is gentler than it was on the bottom. My lighting is 250w MH with a 96w Actinic PC

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Hello my friend,
For growing purpose I have them under 6,700 Kelvin PC and moderate water flow. As you know blue xenias are very sensitive and given the aggressive nature of some corals it is generally advised to place them far (6?-8? inches) from leather, zoanthus,etc. Be sure to provide them also with high and stable Ph and solid alkalinity.

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