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I closed the previous photo of the week thread as it was getting long, and a little unwieldy for us all to sift through. It's a new year, it's time we opened a new thread.

Some pieces of advice and questions to ask yourself to help your photos get chosen:

(1) PLEASE keep your photos to between 500 and 775px in length.
If the photos are longer than that, they distort the main page layout.

(2) PLEASE keep your frame bling to a minimum.
It's fine if you want to watermark your photos in one corner or another, but photos with large photoshopped frames or extraneous words all over the picture will not be chosen.

(3) Is your picture crisp? Blurry photos don't make great front page photos.

(4) Is your glass clean? Algae shots in the middle of your pretty corals makes the coral less pretty.

(5) Can you see a lot of equipment? The best photographs tend not to have egg crate, powerheads, cords, etc. detracting from the reef life.

(5) How are the colors? Check the white balance on your camera; you want the tank to look in full color, not all green or blue.

I think that's all - there have been some great photos submitted... let's keep them coming!

Here are a couple of examples of photos of mine that have been selected:

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no fair elle, maybe i should have waited for a few other shots my seahorse tank


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