Cyber Monday 20/20/30 SALE and Auction ALL WEEK! IMPORTANT NEW UPDATE to the auction rules!


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It's Cyber Week here at Pieces of the Ocean! There will be auctions and new updates all week! Keep checking back for new updates happening daily on our site! Plus Cyber Monday Sale is now 20/20/30 - $20 shipping, $20 frags, and $30 collectors corals!

We have IMPORTANT NEW UPDATE to the auction rules posted below, or click here to read its entirety on our website.


Based on feedback from our users, we have 2 new updates to the auction below effective immediately:

Update 1: Proxy Bid vs Normal Bid.

Consider this scenario:

Current bid is $90.
Minimum bid is $100 (Minimum Increment is $10).

Reefer A placed a normal bid of $100. Then later, placed a proxy bid of $200. Further, Reefer B placed a normal bid of $195 and the auction ends.

Since the difference in bid amount between Reefer A and Reefer B is less than the minimum increment ($10), the system would not automatically place Reefer A's proxy bid. Reefer B would be the winner at $195.

The highest bid wins regardless of minimum increment. In this case, Reefer A is the winner at $200.

Update 2: You can now place a normal bid or a proxy bid using one button. If your bid is greater than or equal to Current Bid + 2x Minimum Bid Increment, or 2 * (Minimum bid - Current bid), it will be a proxy bid.

Basically if you bid double the minimum bid increment or more, your bid will be a proxy bid. Otherwise it will be a normal bid. No one can see your proxy bid but yourself.

For example: If the current bid is $100 and the minimum bid is $110, which means the minimum bid increment is $10, and you place a bid for $120 (Current Bid + 2 * Minimum Increment), it will be considered a proxy bid. If you bid less than $120 then it will be a normal bid.

We want to thank everyone for their valuable feedback and continuous support to help us make the auction a great experience for all.