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Update: All fish pending

Please read as the most common questions are addressed below:

1. Priority will be given to those buying the most.
2. Only fish are for sale at this point as corals are spoken for.
3. At least 50% deposit required to hold the fish.
4. Fish will be available in March after all corals are removed and rocks are take out. (Rock also for sale if interested)
5. Free shipping on order $1000+, otherwise shipping will be $50. Local pick up is strongly recommended! UPS/FedEx are in a flux right now.
6. Guarantee DOA only on ship outs.
7. All fish are healthy and have been in the system for over a year under our care. The videos below show the state they are in

8. Take all the fish for $12000
9. Deals will be made in PM or email to support@piecesoftheocean.com, not in this thread.

They destroy a seaweed no clip needed

When the auto feeder activates...

5x Yellow Tang ~4" $300.00 ea
1x Conspicuous Angelfish ~7" $4,000.00
1x Cosshatch Triggerfish $1,500.00
1x Hybrid Achilles Tang $1000 (SOLD)
1x Sohal Tang 7-8" $300.00
1x Moorish Idol $200.00 (SOLD)
1x Aberrant Scopas Tang $750.00
1x Maculiceps Tang (Freckled Face) $300.00
1x Earle Fairy Wrasse Supermale $1,200.00
1x Lineatus Fairy Wrasse Supermale $500.00
1x Roseband Fairy Wrasse Supermale (6") $550.00 (SOLD)
1x Gem Tang $750.00
1x Flame Wrasse Supermale $650.00 (SOLD)
1x Melanurus Wrasse $40.00
1x EIghtline Fairy Wrasse $250.00
3x Borbonius Anthias $350.00 ea
1x Goldflake Angel $600.00 (SOLD)
2x Black Storm Clownfish $250.00 pair
5x Lyretail Anthias (1 male) $60.00 ea
1x Bimaculatus Anthia $80.00
1x Bandit Angel $2,000.00 (SOLD)
1x White Tail Bristletooth Tang $300.00
1x Female Swallowtail Angelfish $80.00
1x Black Leopard Wrasse $120.00
3x Chalk Basslet $50.00 ea
Misc clownfish, damsels, chromis FREE w/ Purchase

Take all the fish for $12000
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