black friday fathers day sale!!

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just wanted to wish all the fathers a happy fathers day!!!!! heres little sale for you guys

Filamentous wrasse-$19.99
Niger trigger-$14.99s-$24.99L
Yellow tangs-$29.99
Cleaner wrasse-$12.99
Emp juv-$24.99
Powder blue-$29.99
Scribble anthias (m)-$39.99(f)$34.99
**Splended leopard(m)$34.99**
splended leopard(f)-$29.99
tiger wardi goby-$24.99
melanarus wrasse-$19.99
six line wrasse-$7.99
powder brown-$24.99
coral beauty-$14.99
pj cardinals-$7.99
solar fairy wrasse-$24.99
sri lanka lubbocks wrasse-$29.99
morish idols-$27.99

store hours sunday are 1pm-8pm hope to see all you guys tomorrow oh wait if you cant make it tomorrow I'm extending the sale up until ****MONDAY****!!!!!!!!!