Need diy shrimp trap!


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purchase a hawkfish... they will clean out your peppermints pretty quickly... or any shrimp for that matter.


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Move it with a net or

Now one of them isn't moving at all, how do I know if he is molting or dead?
grab it with your hand. If its just sitting still its more likely to be molting. If you want a DIY trap, grab a small poland spring bottle, cut off the top, glue the top upside down to the bottom of the bottle. Make sure the opening is wide enough for the little buggers. Then put some frozen mysis in the bottle and drop it in the sump. The shrimp will end up in there in no time. The peppermint shrimp that I had went in the trap withing 30 seconds. This is all if you are still having problems retrieving them by hand in your sump.

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Ok so how do I catch my fireshrimp ? In my 120 fully packed tank .I gotta treat my tank with interceptor I found some redbugs on some sps .I got my 5 jumbo cleaner shrimp out ,I need to catxh my 2 sexy shrimp which i think I can siphon out .I still need to catch a fire shrimp,cb shrimp ,pistol and sallylight I made a inverted bottle trap which worked for the most part but the guys that are left are smarter than that .any other ideas

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