new 43 gal setup


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so ive been trying to get a smaller tank to start up a nice reef tank and i wanted to do everything perfect and was getting a refuge made and had to wait but finally i got my set up the way i want it and everything is perfect to atleast my standards. i had my great friend richie build me my little refuge and i had some good ideas of rock work from richardhmc and lenny718.

2 midnight clowns
1 black and white oscellaris
2 yellowtail damsels
1 fairy wrasse
1 starry blenny
1 engineer goby

cleaner shrimp
coral banded shrimp
hermits and snails

rock full of eagle eye zoas and i cant remember the other one
derasa clam and feather duster

Leds 120 watt

coralife skimmer rated for 65
koralia powerhead
return pump at 600gph

this is my first time putting corals in a tank so hopefully everyone likes it and leave feed back :confused:


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Mark, Engineer gobies are notorius diggers as they get bigger so hopefully you placed the rock directly on the tank bottom. Your rockwork could be undermined if not secured. BTW the aquascaping looks nice. Also if you have 2 different types of clownfish, I would make sure they had their own anemones to keep the peace - I only see one in the pic.