hang on vs free standing skimmer


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Jersey City, NJ
I plan on purchasing a deltec skimmer and I don't have room in my sump for it. How much difference in performance is there between the hang on (MC500; $430) and the stand up (AP600; $614) and is the price difference worth it? I have a 72 gallon bow with lr, soft corals and plan on about 5 fish eventually. Thanks



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Wallingford, CT
For sump use, I would stick with the AP600 or the turbo models that were designed for insump use. The MC500 might not work well hung off a sump.

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I'm looking at the same 2 for my upcoming 58. The 500 puts more air through the skimmer. THat's the only difference I can see online. If you don't have the room, I'd spend the extra cash and get the hang on. check out the MCE 600. IT's the equivalent to the 500. and it's only a few bucks more (not the 7 bills for the MC 600)

I'm probably going to get a 500 and run it in sump.