If money was no option - what a tank!


The All Powerful OZ
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The Big City
Wow, that tank is only 1350, it looks so much bigger. Looks like he has one of those big house with a big rotunda and circle staircases that leads down to a ground level floor that opens to the backyard.

Master Shake

captain of tying knots
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both tanks are extremely impressive, but at that point it kinda just becomes a pissing contest between him and his other rich friends so he can say guess how much this cost me. and when you invest that much money into something like that im pretty sure paying people to clean the glass almost bi-weekly isnt much altho there is now robosnail to the rescue. and i like the brief glimpse of the orphek leds under the hood


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Long Island
I agree Master Shake. My tank is not is big, but I can say I did everything myself, including breaking my a__ getting into the basement, drinking 10 gallons of dirty salt water over the years from sifoning, countless spills and other mistakes.

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