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MrTang 12-31-2018 10:55 AM

Dosing Red Sea Foundation
The Basis of Dosing Two-Part (or Three-Part)

So, I’ve seen a lot of mixed information regarding dosing two-part.

Let me begin by saying I purchased Red Sea foundation elements as I trust the brand, and have been convinced that it’s important to dose magnesium.

My new tank, only about 3 weeks in, began with these quantities before dosing.

Calcium: 390
dKH: 9
pH: 8

In an effort to get my numbers up, I read the recommended dose on the back of the bottle to get me to 12.6 dKH, and added what was a large dose to my 65 gallon tank all at once.

I flipped off the skimmer and then 30 minutes later, added the required amount of calcium to bring me to 450.

I tested again in a few hours. Now the calcium test is reading 330 and dKH is 13. Da fuq.

Being an idiot, I wait a few hours and decide to add more calcium. I’m going to test again later.

Fortunately, I haven’t dosed any magnesium yet as I haven’t received it.

Questions so far:

1. Should I be adding these in the exact same quantities? For instance, 1 ml to 1 ml? I’ve read it’s important to dose balanced but Red Sea makes no reference to this.
2. Did my calcium drop because I added too much of both at once, or because I added them in an imbalanced fashion?
3. Will not dosing magnesium for now throw off this balance? I want to get this in whack and deal with the magnesium once I’m comfortable.
4. Why is the salinity of my Apex now high? I’m assuming if I deal with evaporation, salinity should never change.

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