Nyos Quantum 120 versus Reef Octopus Regal 150 SSS


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This thread (https://www.manhattanreefs.com/foru...mmer-upgrade-reef-octo-vs-nyos-vs-deltec.html) from 2017 has my exact question, namely viewpoints on these two skimmers. The OP (https://www.manhattanreefs.com/forum/members/brooklynreefers.html) went with the Reef Octopus Regal 150 SSS, but several people noted that the Nyos Quantum 120 was super quiet and worked well.

Please provide any updated thoughts on these two skimmers for a 78 gallon (total including sump) system. Planning the tank as an upgrade for my little 15 gallon FOWLR tank but will be moving toward invertebrates, so not sure how to describe bioload at this point, but would like to not have any limitations based on the equipment.

Also, I understand that there are many other brands out there, but for various reasons it is down to these two brands and these two models.

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I run a NYOS 160 on my system and this thing is a beast pulls lots of nasty dark colored gunk. It’s quiet, and easy to put together and dial in. It’s foot print is great being that the pump is in the body makes it easy to fit anywhere. I ran a couple of Octopus 150sss in the past and they are great at skimming the nasties too but always seemed to be noisy either the air intake or pump vibration. I would definitely pick the NYOS

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regals are amazing but not the space saver, im just not a fan of space savers. takes away a lot of reaction chamber room and harder to service. i used the small nyos, it was...ok, i like the whole clear thing but idk wasnt diging it


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I had the 200sss which is the space saver model. Great skimmer but they do say the regal int version is better because there is a bigger area internally for water to react with the bubbles. For my new build I’m going with a regal 300 int. I have an elite int on another tank and I do like the easier maintenance for pump cleaning.