Addition to the Cyanobacteria Primer


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Great work, I like the science behind your article. In addition here is some more that is both science and practical.
1. I wouldn't ever turn off the lighting. Maybe reduce hours.
2. Use a UV light. It kills bacteria period.
3. Clean your tank frequently to reduce detritus. I have Filter Socks, UV, Charcoal, and Floss filtration.
4. I scrape it off which seem to help a bit.
5. NOPO in a 10 cc syringe. At 100 gallons you can give 7 ml day. I stop the flow ( feeding time) then take the syringe and squirt from a mm away from the cyano, 1 cc at it. Let H2O sit for a few minutes. 2 Days later the Cyano will be brown and dying where you squirted it. You will always have a bit but this really helps limit it.