Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish Compatibility?


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I have a 45 gallon tank Red Sea and looking for a fish that wiuld not be eaten by my lion and be able to fit in my aquarium size.

I have looked at Kole Tang (Guessing my tank too small)

Flame Angel (Maybe ok)

Foxface Rabbitfish (Tank too small?)

I currently have a Maroon Clownfish and seems ok. I did have a puffer and my lion ate it.


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Any fish that wont fit in its mouth is OK, really no other limitations. Look at other unique predatory fish, a scorpion fish, eel, frog fish, flounder, a bigger puffer, grouper, etc.


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Frogfish would be a no go. It will eat anything that will fit in its mouth and it can fit things larger than itself because of its expandable stomach. It won't care about the fact the lionfish is venomous either. The actual limitation would be anything that won't fit in the lionfish's mouth and won't eat or nip at the lionfish. This means a triggerfish is a no go. You'll run into the problem where most things big enough to go with your lionfish will be too big for the tank. Perhaps look at fish with irregular shapes.