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I think I have Lyngbya not 100% sure though. I have cleaned the rocks as much as I could and it comes back in a couple of days. Also the sponges I have in tank its like slime algae and smells really bad. Also need to clean the filter on my mp40 every other day. I was told maybe a sea hare will take care of this problem. I will try to get a pic today.

I added some phosguard today as I see my phosphates high.

Here is my parameters

Calcium 440
Alk 7.6
Nitrate 3 ppm
Phosphate 0.18
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Need more long has the tank been running, what type of filtration are you using? I personally never like using topical supplements to help w nuisance algae. It is only a bandaid. Algae is very natural and part of every Marine system, but excessive algae is a result of poor husbandry. In my experience, it can be lack of waterchanges, lack of using rodi water, too much livestock, excessive feeding...etc.