can i go with out a skimmer till i have the funds to buy one


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my tank is really a restart . loss all my fish when NYC loss power from a storm . my skimmer failed me a few months before but because i only had fish so never got a new one. now with my restart i have one green chromis, 2 one plop hammer and a clean up crow of 50 hermit crabs, 70 mix snails, 2 conch, 2 starfish. the tank is 125 gallon and a 20 gallon sump.can i just add 4 fags before i get my skimmer. i don't believe i will be getting any fish till spring 2021.


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Keep browsing for deals and you just have to keep up with weekly water changes. Skimmers remove organic waste before they have the chance to break down into nitrates. So as long as you are keeping up with water changes and removing excess detritus before they get the chance to breakdown. You should be fine. There are plenty of people who run without one. Or very inefficient so they are only getting a 10%~ or less headstart.


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If you grow macro algae in your sump, that can handle the load, depending on how much you grow/harvest. You'll need a bright light, 40 to 60W LED to be effective.