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hey guys i have waterbox peninsula mini 15
i currently use current usa orbit marine led light and i want to have LPS and SPS in the future.
which light is should i upgrade to? i mean waterbox is recommending AI prime 16HD. is there any better options?
Queens, NY
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Not a very big setup, I assume you have the 18W fixture?
hmm, the smallest of the main fixtures I know of is the ocean revive T247, it's 10" from front to back and 17" from side to side, so I think it would give very good coverage if you suspend it, <6" above the tank. Any higher than that and the light will spill over, so cut a black screen or attach a skirt/lamp shade around it. It also comes with mounting legs,
At120W, if you do go with it, you'd never need to go above 50%.


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I had the Ocean Revive T247 over my 20 gal long frag tank for years. No problem growing/maintaining my SPS frags. Loved that light. Another option would be Reefbreeders Photon 16 V2+ series....it's around $375 but its programmable in intensity and with sunrise/sunset dimming on all 6 channels. The Ocean Revive is programmable on/off only for the 2 channels and manual intensity only. Both real good lights just more control and better LEDs on the Photons.


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AI prime 16, kessil 160we, or a kessil 360 or 360x just to keep it sleek or a radion xr15 gen4 or 5 what ever floats your boat I know some people don’t like buying used but I have no problem deppending on how old it is.

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