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I'm new to plumbing, and still planning my sump build. The sump's return is using a eheim 1260 pump where I'll use sch40 PVC pipe with elbows to shape the pipe along the sump with a union, ball valve and a check valve at the end. The return tube will be a Return U Tube that will go into the tank thats connected using clear 1"ID vinyl tubing. Only issue is how to connect the vinyl tubing to the 1" SCH40 PVC pipe. What knd of adapter will I need, and will this be safe?

The overflow box is a Lifereef which I'm using vinyl tubing with a hose clamp which will flow straight into the 1st chamber (protein skimmer, phos reactor).


Advanced Reefer
From what I read both the cement and solvent available at home depot or Lowes is fine. Some people recommend letting dry for 24 hours before using it in your tank.
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