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Brand new CSL 1/2 HP Power Cooler SOLD last week for less than half of wholesale price, my loss is your gain! Selling the following new-in-box merchandise at below wholesale prices through local pet shop:

Aquanetics Model ADIC-1
Octopus Chiller
1/6 hp. Drop-In.
Price: $840.62 QUICK CASH CLEARANCE: $ 420 !

1/3 hp Slim Line Reef Chiller
Price: $1205.27 CLEARANCE: $ 600 !

Aquanetics Model AFC-5
Turbo Pro Chiller
1/2 hp TurboPro Chiller
Price: $1805.69 CLEARANCE: $ 900 !

Aquanetics Electronic LCD Chiller Controller
Price: $137.25 CLEARANCE: $65

Please do your own research on product first.

Then e-mail: [email protected] to order.

Then Cash & Carry in Queens store AFTER we confirm availability.

God Bless!

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