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Heres what I got, all brand new in the boxes it came shipped to me in. All purchased in june. Moving in a couple months and not planning on setting up a new tank for a while.
Euroreef CS61 skimmer
2 maxijet 900 powerheads
72g reef ready bowfront with black pine stand and overflow kit still in box
Bionic concentrate
sen700 pump
80lbs pure aragonite sand
Hamilton 4' VHO hood with 4 110w bulbs 2 sun/2 super acintic
2 Hamilton 175w MH pendants with 10k bulbs(not new but both work great 1 of the pendants was purchased in march this year)
misc pvc piping
ESV active carbon
filter socks
20g L AGA tank

Please email me at [email protected] if interested in anything. Everything needs to go ASAP


What kind of prices are you selling these items for? I don't really need any but would add them to my system if it was like 50% off retail price.


I really don't want to do 50% off, the items are all brand new never even opened. I'm not exactly the richest person so I'm tryin not to lose that much money, Hope you understand


I will however sell both MH pendants together for $300 they retail at $240 each if your interested. All prices are negotiable as this stuff does have to go soon, I'm just not tryin to lose that much money on the deal as it was all purchased in june

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