I'm planning on upgrading to Metal Halide and going crazy on SPS, so I need to make room in my tank. Here's what I've got to offer:

Bright Pink Colt Coral
colt pic
6-7" tall attached to a piece of rock. I've never seen a colt coral this color pink!

I also have a small frag of this Colt attached to a piece of live rock.

Green Plating Montipora spp.
green monti pic
This is a huge piece that I will be selling frags of. The frags will be 2-3"
$20 a frag

Long Spine Sea Fan
sea fan pic from thesea.org
I got this from theSea.org. It is attached to a plug

Pickup would be in Marine Park Brooklyn.
I'd be willing to trade any of the above for colorful Ricordia.


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I just picked up a frag of green monti from Mark. Not only was it a nice size frag but he also through in another piece. I must say that it is always a pleasure doing buisness with him. He generous and fair.


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Green cap frags are still available. I really want to make space, so the frag sizes are gonna be bigger. Half of the cap would cost $25.

I also have a large brown gorgonian that came in on my live rock and has totally exploded in my tank. I could get 2 large 5-6" frags of this off of the piece I have. $5 each


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Sorry. I just have the cap and gorgonian left to frag.

I actually got this cap from Reef and Fin in Connecticut, not from Patrick.

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