For Sale Bunch of goodies left! More will be added soon.


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Selling off a bunch of things I no longer need. Please no trades or low ball offers. First come first serve. Located in Northern Westchester but I could meet down county depending on the items purchased. I will add more equipment to the list and pictures over the next couple days.

Nuvision 8" Windows 10 Tablet display
2016 Brain (full version)
Trident practically new with approx 15 days of reagent left
2 month reagent Unopened
2 x FMM modules
2x FS 100
1x FS 50
2x Solid surface Leak detection probes
Breakout box
Autofeeder w/ unopened food
Magnetic Probe holder
Temp, Salinity, and 2x Lab grade Ph probes


Two Ecotech Mp60s with brand new extra wet side still in the box. (selling as a package)
Purchased in Oct 2020. They are too strong for my tank.


3x Gen 5 Xr30 Blue. All three come with slides and diffusers. Asking $700 each with slides and diffusers included.

** They have cracked bottom covers just haven't reached out to ecotech to get free replacements due to having diffusers and laziness**

Take all three for $1900 with slides and diffusers.

REEF octopus 220 Int Elite w/ Varios S6
It is pretty old but is an absolute beast and pulls skimmate like new.

Ecotech Vectra L2

Sigma 105mm Macro Lens Canon EF mount

NYOS 160 Skimmer Open Box
was in my sump for 3 days.

ATI 36" 6 Bulb could use 4 new reflectors but not mandatory. Bulbs have atleast 6 months of life left.

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SPS Junkie
Manhattan Reefs
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Just uploading some pictures. I was PMd for the trident, eb832, DOS, and autofeeder by a couple people. I really don't want to or have the time to split up this package and I feel the asking price is fair for everything included.


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