Experienced Reefer
Manhattan Reefs
Massapequa Park
Indo Green with purple tips Torch:
1 head splitting into 2 heads: $225

Godzilla bounce: mother nfs/$400 /$250
Rainbow Yuma: different sizes available
Ironman: $25/3 for $60
Superman (1 left): $60
Large Sunkist Bounce: $150
Watermelon Ricordea Mushroom: $75

Toxic Green Candy Cane: 6hd $40. 3hd $25
Neon green toadstool $40

Kung Pao Monti: cut to order
ASD Rainbow Milli: cut to order
Grafted Monti: cut to order

Green Slimer frag: $15
Chunky teal acro frags: $25(see colony in pic)
Green Goblin Anacropora frags: $15

A lot of my photos won’t upload saying that they’re too large. If interested in anything message me and I can send you photos of the corals privately.

No trades. Pick up or meet near Massapequa


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